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Safer Space

We want everyone to feel as safe and comfortable as possible at this conference. Please bear the following in mind.

  1. We respect people’s physical, emotional and mental boundaries and understand that each person’s threshold is different.
  2. We respect people’s different backgrounds and self-determination when it comes to names and pronouns. 
  3. We don‘t assume people’s gender, sexual orientation or any other aspects of people’s backgrounds.
  4. We respect each other’s private lives. We don‘t pressure anyone to answer questions or take part in discussions. We respect the privacy of individuals within the group space.
  5. We are aware that our words and actions can affect people in different ways and respect that this is not a place for non-consensual trauma dumping.
  6. We do not yell and avoid raising our voices. We take care not to interrupt or talk over others. We are aware of how much space we take up in group discussions and make sure that everyone can contribute.
  7. We give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they have the best intentions. When a person crosses our boundaries we let them know in a respectful way. In return we respond in a respectful manner when someone indicates their boundaries to us.
  8. We keep in mind that we are all learning.
  9.  We keep our safety and health in mind. If you need to leave the space at any time, please do so. If you need to stand up, move around, do so but try to be respectful of others working in the space.
  10. If you feel unsafe, inform a member of our staff. 
  11. If you see or hear something that concerns you, please inform a member of our staff.