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Practical info

Samtökin ’78 are proud to be able to host the Nordic LGBTI conference this year, and we thank our friends in FRI for an excellent time in Oslo last year. Here are all the practical things you need to know. If this website does not answer all your questions, please send us a mail

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The venue

Fosshótel Reykjavík

Fosshotel Reykjavík, Iceland’s largest hotel stands prominently in Reykjavík’s business district, only a short walk from the main shopping area. Its convenient location makes it an excellent base for the perfect Reykjavik city stay. You will both be staying at Fosshotel Reykjavík and it is the main conference hotel

Welcome to


We can’t wait hosting you in one of the northernmost capital on the planet: Reykjavík! There is a lot of great things to do in the city. The conference will be held at various locations, but the furthest distance between them is only 20 minute walk. We encourage you to walk in the city or download the Hopp bike-app

Short history of LGBTI rights in IcelandSwimming poolsWhere to go and what to do?The Hopp App


15:00 – Check in at the Hotel
It’s a 45 minute drive from Keflavik Airport to your hotel. You can book a ticket here for the bus, or at the airport or even on the bus itself, you can’t miss it.

17:00 – Reception at Reykjavík City Hall
Mr. Dagur B. Eggertsson, mayor of Reykjavík, invites you to a reception at the City Hall. Prime Minister, Ms. Katrín Jakobsdóttir will also join us, and hopefully some of the Nordic Ministers as well. Food and drinks.

18.30 – Theater show! Good morning, Faggi!
We will travel to Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn (National Theatre). A gay man in his prime in queer paradise Iceland suffers a sudden nervous breakdown. Through inspecting diaries from his past and letters between him and his mother, he tries to understand what happened. Good Morning, Faggi (GMF) is a humorous and vulnerable journey through shame, fragmented memory and the desire to fully belong. More here.

20.30 – Let’s bond, and eat
We will scatter around town at various pubs or restaurants. The group will be divided by interests in the LGBTI community.

9.00 – Morning coffee at the conference hotel
If anyone hasn’t gotten their badge or welcome bag, this is your last chance, not really, but it would be great to be ready at that time

9:15 – Introduction on each Nordic country
Eight countries, 45 minutes. With a good planning we can cover this together. The heads of the delegations will be sent questions and a presentation will be made. Each country has to choose one persons, the heads are responsible, to make the presentation. Save the questions for coffee breaks.

10.00 – Theme nr. 1: The Pushback
All the Nordics have experienced pushback in some way, maybe some are tackling it well, others may need help. Let’s talk together, share experiences, and try to find a solution – both for fighting the pushback and also to keep us united during it. The sub-themes (workshops) for this theme are: Anti gender movement, hate speech and information disorder.

10.00 – Parallel workshop: Working conditions for trans people in the Nordic countries
For the first time, Nordic knowledge is compiled on trans people’s access to the labour market and working conditions. NIKK, in charge of the compilation, will present results and primarily: listen to valuable input from participants, with the aim to identify needs and measures for improvement – which will be taken forward in a joint Nordic publication. (att. maximum 20 persons can sign up)

12.00 – Lunch
Lunch buffet at the hotel.

13.00 – Speedfriending!
Let’s talk, one on one, and hear from someone that you don’t know. Some conversation starters: What makes us strong, where can we build up and what should we focus on. We know that we are all different in the LGBTI family but the key is working together, right?. Let’s focus on: Inclusion and intersectionality, How to tackle disunion inside the LGBTI family, and Privileges, and the power of allies.

14.00 – Conversation with Nordic Ministers
We will get a chance to hear from the Ministers for Nordic affairs:
Sirið Stenberg, Minister of Social affairs and Culture
Annika Hambrudd, Minister for Education and Culture
Maria Bjerre, Minister for Digitalisation and Minister for Gender Equality
Lubna Jaffery Minister, of Culture and Equality
Sanni Grahn, Laasonen Minister of Social Security
Paulina Brandberg, minister for gender equality
Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister

15.00 – Coffee break
And snacks!

15.30 – Theme nr. 2: LGBTI Healthcare
After a discussion with the national organisations all of them mentioned healthcare, and it is clear that the topic is very important at these times and should be discussed specially. The sub-themes (workshops) for this theme are: Mental health, Gender Confirming treatments, and Intersex healthcare

17.30 – Wrap up
Final words

19.30 – Gala dinner
We will meet for a dinner at Gamla Bíó, be prepared for an amazing time, good food, and some music!

TBA – Sea swimming
Let’s go to the beach! Experience the Icelandic cold in the north-Atlantic!

Q & A

Do I need to sign-up?

Yes, please do! Just here, further down on this website you can sign up. This is necessary to estimate how many will participate in the conference and also so we have information on each participant.

Do we sign up for the workshops?

Yes! We will send you a specific work-shop sign up, and that is only sent to those who have signed up to the conference.

How do the workshops function?

We will send you info and agenda for each and everyone! Also, the heads of delegations will be sent a special presentation on them. Please consider scattering well on each workshop.

Is it necessary to have my name tag and lanyards on me?

Yes, definitely! The conference is closed, and it is necessary to have your lanyards and name-tags on you, at all times both in the conference and as well outside of it.

Where do I pick up my name tag?

We will have them ready at the hotel when you arrive. If you miss it, or you are coming directly to the reception we will bring them there, so no worries.

I have a difficult time being around many people but I want to contribute. Is that safe for my mental health?

Everyone contributes as they can and want to. We will not put a pressure on anyone to be at the conference all day. Also we will provide guests with a counselor and a quiet room.

If I can't reach anyone for help online, what can I do?

Call 00354 888 1178 and we will guide you, don’t worry.

I have difficulties walking or rent a scooter, how can I commute?

We encourage all to walk or take a scooter, but we realize that not all can. Please call for a Taxi or a Hopp-ride (in the app) and we will re-imburse you.

Aren't there any busses to commute us?

All venues are very close to one another, so it would be both expensive and extreme to order a bus to commute.

What about money? Who will re-imburse us?

Fill in this form here. And do notice that re-imbursements will be paid as soon as possible.

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