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What do you want to discuss at the National Assembly?

By 8. febrúar, 2017No Comments

Samtakamátturinn, the national assembly of the queer community, is fast approaching – an opportunity to shape the work of Samtökin ‘78 for the future! All interested parties are encouraged to join us at Reykjavík City Hall on Saturday, February 11th from 1–5 pm and give voice to their ideas. There will be ten discussion tables in Icelandic, divided by theme, and discussion tables in English that cover all the themes. The meeting will begin with a brainstorming phase where all participants come up with ideas relating to all of the themes. Those ideas will be distributed to the theme tables for further development. Each theme includes examples of discussion topics, but this is not an exhaustive list.

1. Samtökin ‘78 and other queer organizations
-Affiliate organizations
-Policy and ideology
-Image and publicity
2. Queer aging
-Medical services
-Social life
-Queer-friendly senior homes / assisted living facilities
3. Queer asylum seekers
-How can we support queer asylum seekers?
-How do we push for change in the treatment of queer asylum seekers?
4. Public health, sex and sexual health
-Mental health in the queer community
-Sexual health and inclusive sex ed
-Sexually transmitted infections, prevention and treatment
5. Civil rights
-What have we achieved, what remains to be done, and how do we achieve results?
-Priorities and goals
6. Domestic and international collaboration
-How do we support the struggle for queer rights abroad, and what can we learn from other nations? -What to queer people have in common with other groups and how can we collaborate with them?
-How do we support queer organizations outside of the capital area?
7. Cultural and social life
-How do we invigorate queer cultural and social activities?
-How do we preserve queer history?
-Sports and queer-friendly sporting culture
8. The queer community
-How do we work toward mutual understanding and respect within the community?
-Queer visibility in society
9. Education
-Who needs education, how should we educate and about what?
-Media and stereotypes
10. Family and relationships
-Queer families
-Adoption and fertility in queer families: rights and opportunities?
-Dating culture


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