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Cohabitation and partnership

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By Icelandic law, homosexual couples can enter into a confirmed cohabitation or register their cohabitation.

Confirmed cohabitation

Two individuals of the same sex can apply to district commissioners (sýslumenn) and their legally qualified representatives to enter into a confirmed cohabitation. Since 2008 same sex couples can register their partnership in church or any other religious congregation as well as with a civil registrar. Lesbians and gay men in a confirmed cohabitation have the same rights and responsibilities as married heterosexual couples. To enter into a confirmed cohabitation, one or both individuals must be Icelandic citizens, and both must have had legal residence Iceland for a minimum of two years.

Registered cohabitation

Two individuals of the same sex can register their cohabitation with the National Register (Borgartún 24) and thereby receive the same social rights as heterosexuals with regards to social security, taxation, labour law and municipal social services. Icelandic citizens do not need to be residents of Iceland to register a partnership.

Note! An individual in a registered cohabitation is not obligated to support his/her partner financially and does not inherit his/her partner’s property unless specifically stipulated in a will.

Assisted fertilisation

Lesbians in a confirmed or registered cohabitation have the same rights to assisted fertilisation as heterosexual women who are married or cohabiting. Visit for more information


The rights of homosexual couples in a confirmed cohabitation to adopt children are in all respects the same as for heterosexual married couples, should they fulfil those conditions that apply for the adoption of children.

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