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For STD tests

By 16. október, 2015One Comment

To schedule a meeting, call 543-6050 Monday to Friday between 8 and 9 a.m.

The clinic for skin disease and sexually transmitted diseases (Húð- og kynsjúkdómadeild) is located at Landspítalinn Fossvogi in Reykjavík. Appointments can be made by calling 543-6050 (sexually transmitted disease) and 543-6350 (skin disease).

If you suspect that you may have an infection you can either visit the clinic without an appointment or make an appointment with a normal health clinic.


One Comment

  • Grzegorz skrifar:

    Good day,
    I had STD test made in the previous year and I received the result on my pages on heilsuvera. I ask them to send me this result cause I need it on papaer to show my doctor, but they told that they have no access to do it. Can you tell me if there is any possibility to receive it and who should I contact?
    Best regards, Grzegorz

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