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In solidarity with Orlando

By 13. júní, 2016No Comments

Samtökin ‘78, The National Queer Organisation of Iceland, sends its deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of those killed in the Orlando shooting. We also send our energy and support to those who are wounded.

Pulse Orlando was known for being a safe place for a diverse community of LGBTQIA people, some of whom had been ostracized by their families. There they found a new family, friends and love. The attack is an assault on all LBGTQIA people in the world.
This was a hate fuelled crime against LGBTQIA people in the world. LGBTQIA people are systematically targeted in violent crimes, discrimination and marginalisation all around the world. This attack stems from the same root as other types of violence and discrimination our community faces.
Samtökin ‘78 condemn the usage of attacks like the one in Orlando as propelling xenophobia or hatred against Muslims. The attack is primarily fuelled by hate against LGBTQIA people, which is a prevalent problem across religions and cultures. Now, as ever before, our solidarity is necessary. We must stand together as marginalised groups, but we also call upon mainstream society to show their support. Samtökin ‘78 will continue their fight. We will survive through continued visibility, education and love.


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