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Þau höfðu samband ? Hafðu samband – NETVINIR ? PENNAVINIR (eldri tilkynningar)

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Tilkynningar Birtist fyrst 26. maí 2003
Hey there. I´m a 23 year old guy from Melbourne, Australia. I´m hoping to travel to Iceland in the middle of 2004, and I´m looking for people around my age to make contact with – people in Iceland or other travellers planning to go there at the same time. It´d be nice to talk to people I have a bit in common with – I´m especially interested in the music scene over there – I´m really into Björk, Sigur Rós, Múm and so on. I´m a pretty creative person and hope to take a lot of pictures in Iceland. Anyway if this at all sounds interesting it´d be good to hear from you, my email is

Thanks.. Darren

Birtist fyrst 28. maí 2001
Hello master! A young black submissive guy will like to get in touch with a serious gay partner for a lasting relationship. My partner must be romantic and discreet. I´am looking forward to hear from you.

Please write to:

Issac Quansah,

P. O. Box WJ 244,

Weija – Accra.


Birtist fyrst 28. maí 2001
I´am a Spanish teacher, 38 years old. I would like to visit your country Iceland next summer from July 18th to 30th. I´am looking for a friendly, serious and honest friend with big heart to be together during during this time. So do not to hesitatge to ask me anything you want to know. With love and best regard. Xavier Vives.

E- mail address:

Birtist fyrst 6. maí 2001
Ég er rúmlega sextugur karlmaður og bý í miðborg Reykjavíkur, heiðarlegur og glaðlyndur, með gott úthald, og sáttur við lífið og tilveruna. Ég hef tilfinningar mínar til karla á hreinu, þótt ég sé ekkert að auglýsa þær, og leita eftir kynnum við sannan karlmann, 25 ára og eldri. Ég lofa heiðarleika og 100% trúnaði og vænti þess sama. Ég bý einn og hef síst á móti því að kynnast kvæntum karlmönnum. Ég á ekki tölvu og hef ekki lært á netið svo þið verðið að senda mér línu. Utanáskriftin er:
Samtökin 78
Pósthólf 1262
121 Reykjavík
Og merkið umslagið ?Hress og kátur?

Birtist fyrst 1. maí 2001
I am a 28-year old gay Spaniard living in Brussels who have always dreamt of the Great North. I am determined to make that dream come true this summer, so I have planned to make a trip to your country between 27 June and 1 July 2001. Although a lot of very useful information can be found on the net, I´d rather have the opportunity to get in touch with someone who could guide me through my first Icelandic experience. For instance: which is the best part of the summer to make the visit, which are the beautiful spots outside Reykjavik and how to get there, etc. But, of course, it´s not all about practical guidance, but also about making a good friend I could visit when I get there. I am planning to do this trip on my own, but I´d love to meet someone with who I could share the joy I´m sure I´ll experience when admiring your country.
So, if someone finds the time, I´d be very pleased to receive your e-mails.
David M. Ortega

Birtist fyrst 28. apríl 2001
I´m a 19-year-old German, who is in search of an Icelandic pen-pal, to learn about him, Iceland and other things. I´m interested to visit Iceland in one of the next years, and if it´s as nice as I expect it, maybe even live there. If someone sends me an email, i would be very glad.

Birtist fyrst 24. mars 2001
Ich bin Joachim, 40 Jahre alt, 180 cm groß, 75 kg, dunkelhaarig, kontaktfreudig, anpassungsfähig, vielseitig interessiert und als Angestellter tätig. So würde ich mich riesig freuen von einem behaarten Mann aus Island Post zu bekommen.
Jochaim Pamin
F. F. Runge Str. 4
16303 Schwedt / Oder

Birtist fyrst 24. mars 2001
Hi, Icelandic boys! I´m Michael, I´m 17 y/o and I live in Germany, on the Isle of Rügen. I´m totally crazy about Iceland – that is why I want to have a gay penfriend in your country. I hope that it is posible. Perhaps you have a youth group in your organization so that you could ask there for a possible pen pal. I am 1.86 cm tall, 65 kilos, short dark hair, hazel eyes and black rimmed glasses, goatee, hairy body. I´m interested in music (R.E.M., Placebo, Radiohead, Coldplay, Travis, Beatles, Wallflowers . . .), literature (English and American), politics, journalism, philosophy, psychology, foreign cultures, languages. Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, writing, (poetry and all sorts of text), photography, shopping, travel, trekking, swimming. My penfriend should be between 15-25, and we should have one or more interests and hobbies in common. I hope to hear from you soon.
Michael Müller
Störtebekerstr. 5 D
D-18528 Bergen auf Rügen

Birtist fyrst 24. mars 2001
Godan dag! Hey there, guys, I´m Jon Salisbury, a 19 year old male art student from England. I would love an Icelandic pen pal as I am fascinated with your amazing island and its crazy inhabitants. Love from – or

Birtist fyrst 24. mars 2001
Kevin Helems, 32y/o; white male; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; everyday type guy; reddish blond hair; goatee; 5´11″/165 lbs. Talkative gent that seeks same, maybe to meet over a cup of coffee or beer. Very interested in making friends. My interest and background includes history, anthropology, social and urban issues. I am a graduate student University of Akron – Masters in Public Administration; Masters in Urban Studies. Respond either by e-mail or post. Takk fyrir
Kevin Helems
787 Upson Street
Akron, OH 44305-1563

Birtist fyrst 24. mars 2001
I wanted to get in touch to see if you could set me up with a penpal to help me get to know Reykjavik. My partner and I, along with 3 straight friends (women) are considering a trip to Reykjavik for New Year´s Eve next year (Dec. 31, 2001/January 1, 2002) and I would love to learn more about your city. Thanks for your help.
Bob Jasak

Birtist fyrst 24. mars 2001
My name is Fabrice and I am a 29 years old boy from South East France. I work as a civil servant in an Archives Office. My interests in life are travels, music history and family-tree. I can write French, English and a bit German. I used to learn some Danish at University but I forgot all my words. Hope to hear from you – Fabrice.

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