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The Kids Are All Right (2010)

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Þriðjudaginn 15. Maí 2012

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At the urging of her 15 year-old brother Laser, the now 18 year-old Joni makes contact with their biological father, Paul, who as a teenager himself donated his sperm to a cryo-bank. Their parents, same sex couple Jules and Nic, aren’t quite sure what to make of it when they learn what their kids have done. Jules likes him far more than Nic who begins to feel that he is taking their family away from her. It all becomes very complicated when Paul and Jules begin sleeping together and Paul starts to fall for her. A family dinner at Paul’s house leads Nick to realize what is going on and when the kids overhear their argument, they’re in on the secret as well leading to a crisis for everyone.
Lengd: 1k46m

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